About Us

OK Business English Training and Consulting Ltd. is headed by Mr. Ofir Katz, who has been working with business professionals and executives for over 15 years while closely monitoring their day-to-day use of the English language at their own jobs.

We believe in training business people to better their job performance and leverage their skills and capabilities by using today’s most significant global business tool – English.
Having worked with business professionals from all the top industries (e.g. High-Tech, Banking, Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals and others), we have come up with the conclusion that adults, who engage in business activities, do not wish to study Business English “high school style”, but rather train on how to effectively utilize Business English at work, in order to increase their professionalism and create a better business image for themselves, their company and their counterparts abroad.

We provide our clients with Business English training and consultation services that are solely geared toward our clients’ specific needs and wants. All of the sessions, whether in a small group setting or on an individual basis, are exclusively customized according to the company’s needs and the client’s needs respectively.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you and your organization specialized Business English training and consultation solutions that focus on personalized attention, quantifiable results and real work-related training applications to enable your employees to improve their overall business performance, as well as your company’s professional positioning in the global business world.

We look forward to joining hands with you.

Mr. Ofir Katz -CEO
OK Business English Training and Consulting Ltd.

About Ofir Katz
Ofir was born in Israel and raised in the United States.
He gained his higher education in the States and graduated with a BA in Management and an MBA with honors. Upon his graduation, Ofir had the opportunity of working at corporate American companies for a period of 6 years while closely examining the Americans’ work ethic, management style, business etiquette, business correspondence style, presentation skills, etc.

Following his return to Israel in 2004, Ofir has been serving as the corporate trainer and consultant for some of the leading global companies in the world (e.g. Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Dropbox, Google,  AT&T, BMC Software, HP and many others). He has had the privilege of working closely with a large number of executives, both in Israel and abroad, for the main purpose of helping them achieve better business results by utilizing English as the primary business tool in today’s global village.

Ofir’s unique global experience, as well as his natural born training capabilities, have made him one of today’s leading and most appreciated global Business English corporate trainers and consultants.