Presenting to Win Workshop

Having problems delivering a professional presentation in English?
Don’t know how to structure a winning presentation?
Can’t get your audience’s attention?
If presenting in English makes you nervous, this 2-day workshop is exactly what you need!


1st Day:

Organization & Preparation Tips

  • Top 5 questions you should ask before you even open up PowerPoint
  • Knowing your audience
  • The 3 C’s (Content, Content, Content)
  • The K.I.S.S Principle
  • “So What?” – The Relevance Principle
  • Checking for clarity – passing the “Elevator Test”
  • The Art of story-telling
  • Gaining confidence

Delivery Tips (The “S” Principle)

  • Showing your paSSion
  • Starting Strong
  • Staying Short & Simple Stupid
  • Standing cloSe not Still
  • Signaling by preSSing “B”
  • Sensing & Smiling
  • Sorting your Slides

Non Verbal Communication

  • Body Language is a “Language”!
  • First impressions
  • Eye contact
  • Posture
  • Facial expressions
  • Use of voice

Structuring a Professional Presentation

          • Opening & Introduction
            • What to include in the “Introduction”?
            • How to capture your audience’s attention?
            • The value of a strong opening statement
            • Key phrases
          • Body
            • What to include in the “Body”?
            • Signposting
            • Focusing attention
            • Maintaining a consistent flow
            • Managing time effectively
            • Key phrases
          • Conclusion
            • What to include in the “Conclusion”?
            • Summarizing & closing
            • “Ending with a strong ending”
            • Thanking your audience
            • Inviting questions
            • Key phrases

The Q&A Session

  • The importance of having a Q&A session
  • Dealing with audiences from different cultures
  • Handling difficult questions
  • “Survival Language”
  • Key phrases

2nd day:

  • Live presentations (delivered by each participant).
  • Q&A sessions following each presentation (audience interaction).
  • Presentations’ evaluations (group dynamics) facilitated by the trainer.